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Bethany Petch always strive to create music that is unique and sounds great. Browse through the following selection of reviews relating to Bethany Petch, covering everything from insights on the evolution of their musicality, to ratings of their latest work and recent performances.

Reviews: Client

"No Shapes, No Outlines, No Doorknobs" is the first acoustic EP release by Canadian singer/songwriter Bethany Petch. Consisting of five haunting songs, the EP showcases Bethany's amazing voice and strong songwriting skills. Why call them 'haunting' songs? Because they stay with you; one listen is all it takes for the lyrics and melodies of these tunes to make a lasting mark on your memory. From the title track with its clear melody and mature vulnerability ("my thin skin has bruises from being in this shape so long"), through the fun movement of 'Something About You' ("let's see what this brain is all about"), to the heartfelt message, simple guitar and tender musicality of 'Someone Beautiful' ("the way you see yourself is not the way that it's supposed to be"), "No Shapes..." reveals a talented songstress and musician stepping out to take the world by surprise. Well worth the price of admission! - Escape Artist Media review

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