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Up and coming Canadian Pop/Soul artist Bethany Petch, from BC’s Okanagan Valley, pulls you straight in through the vulnerability of her music. Bethany’s ability to acknowledge pain through her lyrics allows her listeners to realize they are not alone, connect to their own pain, and leave with a new found hope.  

Through learning to overcome fear and shame, Bethany wrote “Can’t Break Me” which was selected as a 2016 Semi-Finalist in the well recognized International Songwriting Competition. One listen is all it takes for the clear melody and mature vulnerability to leave a lasting mark on your memory.  

Having spent more than a decade as a vocalist and band leader in church from a young age, Bethany was strongly inspired by her Gospel roots. This Gospel sound beautifully underlies the strength that shows up in her Pop/Soul music, resulting in her continually being compared to powerhouse vocalists of varying styles, including Adele, Sia, P!nk and Jan Arden. 

Bethany possesses an exceptional range and warm Pop tonality to her voice that draws from her R&B and Soul influences. In her song “In My City” she showcases a seamless transition into a beautiful falsetto and effortless vibrato, accompanied by the modern touch of her vocal phrasing.

In 2012 Bethany completed a Singer-Songwriter Specialist Certificate with Berklee College of Music, and independently released her first EP “No Shapes, No Outlines, No Doorknobs.”  In 2015 she went back to school to spend time further developing both her voice and songwriting. In May of 2017 Bethany graduated as a Songwriting Major in the Contemporary Music and Technology Program at Selkirk College, where she won the MusiCounts Scholarship, sending her to the JUNO’s this March.  

Currently, Bethany is starting production of her first studio album. With more than a decade of experience and training under her belt, she’s bringing the best of who she is to the table; working with friends and industry professionals to complete this project.  She looks forward to her albums debut in the fall of 2018.

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